Trivium Foundation Meton (hereinafter referred to as Trivium Foundation) was officially established in September 2019 and is an initiative of Stichting Trivium Foundation Meton and its operating companies within the Meton group; Rhumveld Winter and Konijn B.V. (RWK), De Monchy International B.V. (DMI), De Monchy Natural Products B.V. (DMNP), Foodtrend (FT), De Notenbeurs (DNB), and Rhumveld Baltic (RB). The Trivium Foundation aims to improve the livelihoods of communities, provide high quality education, offer training and agricultural assistance and support a transition to regenerative agriculture. In collaboration with local partners, Trivium has started projects in South-Africa (2017), Brazil (2019), Bolivia (2019), Madagascar (2020), and Vietnam (2022).

As an international sourcing, trading and distribution Company we cover the complete supply chain and regularly visit our suppliers and the communities that provide our products. Visiting these communities, often located in isolated areas, motivated us to do whatever we could to create change and provide these families a better future. By giving the children access to quality education, we are expanding their opportunities to reach their full potential. When students develop basic skills in numeracy and literacy in the lower primary grades, completion rates improve, with a positive impact on wage earnings. There is strong evidence to show that the early acquisition of reading skills is one of the best predictors of later educational success.


In addition to the local impact, the Foundation also strives to increase awareness among our stakeholders to the opportunity we have together to sustain these natural resources. The Trivium Foundation has been established as an independent non profit charitable organization supported by De Monchy businesses and managed by RWK, DMI and RWK representatives.

Our mission:

Our mission is to create a positive social and environmental impact by pursuing our ongoing commitment to improve living conditions, by implementing sustainable (educational) programs throughout our supply chain.

Our vision:

Transforming the lives of vulnerable communities in developing countries by offering sustainable solutions for current and future generations.

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