Trivium Foundation strives for full transparency by informing the public about its structure and commitment as well as the source and the use of its funds. Beyond accountability, we view transparency as a key instrument for increasing the effectiveness of our work. We place great emphasis on integrity and transparency in all our partnerships.


The foundation aims to contribute to a better living environment for the communities involved in the Meton group’s production- and supply chains, with a focus on education, sports and healthcare. We are dedicated to implement and support local projects in order to achieve long term sustainable development.

The foundation carries out the following activities to achieve its goal:

  • Starting several projects, in collaboration with our suppliers, that contribute to a better living environment of the communities involved in the Meton group’s production. Together with our suppliers we will address their most pressing needs. In 2019 we have started with 3 projects and our goal is to add at least 1 extra project each year.
  • In addition, we will continue to monitor our projects in the future and support them with an annual contribution.
  • Raising funds to finance these projects, by organizing yearly (sports) events.


Trivium Foundation helps the most vulnerable children in developing countries get a quality education. We build schools, provide school supplies and equipment, furniture, study materials and in some cases bursaries.
Initiating new projects will be done in close collaboration with local suppliers of Rhumveld Winter & Konijn, De Monchy Natural Products or De Monchy International. We identify the most pressing needs and decide, together with our local partners and their communities, which projects will get priority. All projects will be constantly monitored by Trivium and its partners and will receive continuous support and annual contributions, as we want to achieve long term sustainable development.

In addition to education, the foundation also wants to provide solutions to fulfill other basic needs, such as shelter, clean water, sanitation, etc. This is definitely a priority in areas where no clean drinking water is available.

In order to be able to achieve our goals we organize several fundraising events. In October 2019 we organized our first event; a beach volley tournament in La Playa, Rijwsijk (NL). Both employees and external stakeholders participated in this event. The next event will take place in September 2020. We are also considering alternative options for fundraising. There are currently 2 people from RWK and DMI working on a marketing and communication strategy. In addition, there might also be a possibility to involve other companies from the M&R de Monchy group in the near future.

Chamber of Commerce

Last update: October 2019


In  September 2019, Trivium Foundation Meton has been designated as a public welfare institution entitled to have the Tax-deductible certificate ( Algemeen nut beogende instelling – ANBI statutes in Dutch). The ANBI status certificate is a non-profit tax designation issued in the Netherlands by the Tax Office (Belastingdienst) and it is provided to organizations, which meet specific criteria as transparency on their policies, annual reports on the website, etc.

Remuneration policy

The foundation only works with volunteers. The board receives no compensation.