Project started: January 2020

In 2019, the Trivium Foundation started a project with Sambavanille, one of the leading vanilla producers in Madagascar. Together with Sambavanille, De Monchy Natural Products (DMNP) and Trivium Foundation investigated the possibilities to improve the livelihoods of the vanilla farmers and their families. Both companies are very committed to helping those in the supply chain who need our help most.

After a stakeholder analysis was performed and various locations were investigated, the most pressing needs were identified. As a result, Zo Randria (employee of DMNP) and local employees of Sambavanille chose the location of AmbohiManarina; a village between Sambava and Andapa.

The previous school building was damaged due to severe weather circumstances causing the children to be exposed to intense sun, heat, and rainfalls. Therefore, this region needed a proper school building forming the basis for decent education (a building, teacher skills, and infrastructure). Meaning a fully equipped school, including 4 well-ventilated classrooms, toilets, a library, a playground, a vegetable garden, and a kitchen should be realized in the next year.

Opening of the school

On the 21st of January 2020, the construction of the school started by SIVANA without any further delays. Despite the impact of the pandemic on economic and social life, the school was finished and provisionally opened on the 20th of August 2020. Unfortunately, a celebration was not possible yet because of the health barriers that had to be respected. Even though the provisional inauguration was only symbolic, the joy of the villagers was clearly noticeable during this unforgettable moment. The achievement of building a school in Madagascar was a success for the children’s education and benefited the entire village.


Currently, much progress is being made at the new school, and the parents and children are very happy. To stimulate the quality of education even further, De Monchy Natural Products and Trivium Foundation have shared various English books from DMNP’s employee Cindy Haenn (Sales Operations Manager, USA).

We want to thank De Monchy Natural Products and Sambavanille again for all efforts made in building the Public Primary School, despite the challenging circumstances. We look forward to the future and the development of all the children in AmbohiManarina!