Project started: 2019

Last year we visited one of the Monchy Trivium projects in the heart of the amazon region in Bolivia. In 2019 the construction of a new state of the art school has started as a replacement of the old outdated school. The new facility has been finalized last year and generates a huge social and economic impact in the region, where the Brazil nut industry is the most important source of income.


The new school has 70 pupils enrolled and there are 8 classrooms with each a capacity of 30 pupils. The old school only had 4 classrooms with a capacity of 10-15 pupils. Desks and subject books are now adapted to the different ages/size of children, whereas the old school only had one size of tables and chairs and outdated books. In the new school there are 2 sanitary blocks with each 5 toilets with running water, while the old school only had 2 latrines. In addition, the new school has a teachers room and a library with a wide variety of books for the different ages. The new school has a total area of 1.200m2, which is fenced for safety, and now has a playground. Pupils from elementary school go during the mornings and secondary students go in the afternoon.


The Monchy Trivium Foundation contributed to the new school. Due to the new facility every educational level now has its own classroom with great potential of increasing the quality of school curricula through the different subject books and other learning materials. Having quality infrastructure adapted to the climate has also had great impact on the school attendance.