Sustainable Cashew nuts – Amama farms

Reducing carbon emissions and moving toward a living income Cashew is one of Tanzania’s biggest exports. However, little value remains in the country itself and the nut often travels to Europe via a long detour. At Monchy Food Company, we think we can do better, and so we bought our own factory in Tanzania. This…

Meet Jao

Jao is 8 years old and, as the oldest brother, is part of a family of 4 children in total. Mum and dad work day in and day out on the plantations in Madagascar to provide for their daily living and that of their children. Unfortunately, it is not enough to provide the family with…

Madagascar school update

Education is a very important sector for the development of Madagascar. A few years ago, many children couldn’t attend school due to the lack of proper infrastructure. As a part of the social and sustainable objectives, De Monchy Natural Products (DMNP) started a project with the aim to build a new school in Madagascar together with Sambavanille and the Trivium Foundation

Volleyball Tournament, 2020

As a foundation, we are convinced that continued support of the population in various projects must remain in place. Even now that the Covid 19 virus has reached the countries where we are source, our involvement is equally important. The improvement of essential facilities cannot stop. We are pleased that with all the partners involved and the donations so far, the projects in Brazil, Madagascar, Bolivia and South Africa continue to develop.

Het Rode Kruis

We’re happy that we’re able to contribute in these difficult Corona times. Yesterday we where able to hand over mouth masks of a number of Chinese suppliers to “het Rode Kruis”, who will find a good destination for them.